Valentines Day Gifts That Come from the Heart and Not from the Wallet

Valentine’s – a day that you dedicate to the person you love. It is the time of the year you show that special person in your life how much you really care about them. Back in the day, Valentine’s cards and gifts were all about individual creativity. Valentine’s Day gifts and cards were always handmade. Times have changed now; in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s, stores put out special Valentine’s sales in themed candy and gifts. The way these are easily available usually has the effect of positively discouraging any creative exploration people might otherwise try in finding out how best to express their love. Valentine’s Day gifts are supposed to be unique. They are supposed to be one of a kind, made just for the person you love. Certainly, buying a professionally-made bouquet and a stuffed panda toy can look impressive at first glance. But everyone knows how easy it is if you have a few dollars, to get one of these. Let’s go over a few ideas for Valentines Day gifts and activities that could come from the heart and not from the store.

To many people, Valentines Day gifts aren’t quite complete if they don’t include the trademark chocolates and flowers. If you just can’t stand a Valentine’s Day without these, you could get these but give them in a more creative way you otherwise might. One particularly cute way to do this might be to send the person you love on a kind of clue-filled trail that has hidden gifts like flowers and chocolates all over. People love to eat out on Valentine’s Day. While eating out is usually a great treat, it can be quite a letdown to be doing nothing better than what everyone else gets to do. You could have the best of both worlds though, either cooking a beautiful meal to eat together or having a great meal delivered. Your contribution could be setting the table for the meal. How can anyone beat a great meal where two people in love get to be alone and not among a chattering mass of restaurant goers?

A mix tape (okay, a mix CD), is usually a great tried and tested formula for a successful Valentine’s Day gift. You put in all the romantic songs that remind you of your the person yo love, and songs you know they love. It’s a great way to show how you pay attention to all that sets their heart aflutter. You could add a little extra something to the standard mix CD by printing out the lyrics of the songs or perhaps even learning to play a song or two and recording them yourself. Even if you’ve never played an instrument in your life, learning to pick out the right notes on the keyboard isn’t that hard. It would be a great gesture.