The Craziest Photo I Ever Took

The year was 2008, and I had gone to Jamaica for my wedding. It was already a crazy time, because the traveling was extremely frustrating. In order to save on the cost of poultry, we brought hundreds of pounds of chicken with us in our carry-on luggage, our suitcases, and packed in boxes. Needless to say, it was kind of embarrassing having dripping boxes, being brought onto the plane with us, or being checked in as luggage. To make it worse, my sister’s attitude to the person who worked for the airline, who checked us in, didn’t help things. In fact, she followed us to the airplane and harassed us even more.


The day of the wedding had finally come, and all those bags of chicken came in handy. By spending every dime that me and my mother had, we put on a wedding, to end all weddings. Many people even snuck into our wedding or hid outside, just to get a peek at the ceremony. I felt like a celebrity or a rock star riding around in a stretch white wedding limo! After we had said our “I do’s,” we went to the reception area, which was right next to the beach, with water rushing up towards the reception. I was very proud and happy at this moment, while me and my new husband sat at the dinner table. My husband went off to get something to drink while I waited.


When I looked over to where he was at, a fight nearly broke out between him and the person serving drinks. Although he was the only man dressed in white, and obviously should be known as the groom; the man denied him a drink, that he and I had paid for! My husband didn’t take it too well, and had to be restrained by my mother, his mother, and the best man. They had to keep my husband from knocking out the idiot, who doesn’t realize that a man dressed in white at a wedding, is obviously the one who just got married! I snapped a picture of the moment and decided I would show it to him later, hoping he would realize where he was wrong.


Although the person wasn’t smart enough to know his position, and to not bite the hand that feeds him, I felt my husband could have behaved better. I showed him the picture, and we laughed because it appeared as if his fist was going right in the guy’s face, but our parents were holding him back. Needless to say, we still had a great reception, and that picture remained a classic!