Steak Sauce

When I was young, there was always steak sauce in my house. My stepfather ate steak all the time, and he always doused it in sauce. This became something I was accustomed to seeing, and this was the way I ate my steak when I had it. As I grew up I would smother my meat with steak sauce without even trying it first. When I first met my husband he was astounded that I would do this, as he grew up in a home where sauce was never used. This was an interesting idea to me.

He told me that I used so much steak sauce because I had never had a steak cooked the proper way. I suspected that he might have been on to something with that statement. The ones my stepfather always cooked were well done, and always a little dry. Though they were fine, I had no idea that I was using the steak sauce because the meat was overdone and dried out. He said that if I had a steak that was done properly it would be a sin to put the sauce on it, and that he had to take me home to have one that his dad did on the grill outside.

When I first had a steak with his family I discovered that this type of meat should never be cooked all the way though. Though everyone likes their meat done differently, I found that I like it much better if it is medium rare. Many people won’t eat their meat that way, but this is the way that I prefer to have it. When it is cooked that way, and on the proper heat, there is no need for me to use steak sauce any longer. I know when I want a really good steak I can go have dinner with his family and walk away happy.

I have found an alternative to going to my in-laws for good steak, and I always decline the steak sauce at this place too. I am sure there are many great places to get steak, but my favorite is Applebees. They have a great house steak, and it always tastes good. I always get the same thing when I go there, but if you know where to find a good steak,  you tend to go there when that is what you are craving. Though I don’t use much steak sauce for my steak any longer, it is great on a hamburger now and then. If you find yourself using a lot of it, perhaps you haven’t had a really great steak yet. Look around, there are many great places to find them.