My Horrible IBS Symptoms

If you have always had a case of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), you probably do not know that there is anything wrong with the way that your digestive system works, at least not at the tail end of the process, so to speak. Most people use the restroom all day, but only make a bowel movement once a day or once every other day. Some people go three times a day and that is normal. However, if you have IBS symptoms, you have problems with going whether you can not go when you need to go, or you can not stop going and things tend to act up at the worst possible time. If you have these IBS symptoms, talk to your doctor about relief.

Some IBS symptoms are more obvious than others. If you have a problem with your nerves causing you to have to go to the restroom, you may have IBS. Some of the most common clues that people have about IBS symptoms are that they get nervous or excited about something, and they suddenly find that they have to go to the bathroom, often more than once and the results are not very solid. This type of nervous or anxious diarrhea is a sign that IBS needs treatment, especially if it causes problems in day to day life. Stimulants like nicotine or caffeine can also cause this in all people, but very noticeably in people with irritable bowel issues.

In severe cases, those with these IBS symptoms can have accidents. They have such an issue that when they are nervous or excited and can not get to a restroom fast enough, they may have problems not going. This is often a small accident, but if the stool is watery enough, they can have a big mess on their hands. This is when IBS definitely needs medical attention. There is no reason to have to go through life with this type of worry. A doctor can help so that this type of accident is rare or goes away completely.

IBS symptoms are not always about having to go all of the time when you least expect it. Some people with IBS do not have the ability to go as often as they need. For some reason, things are drier in the bowel area, making it hard to go. When they do go, which may be as little as once a week, it really hurts and can mean many hemorrhoids that are not necessary. A slow moving digestive system is just as much a part of IBS symptoms as a fast moving system that gets in the way of living a normal life.

There are some things you can do for IBS symptoms. You can avoid foods that you know tend to stimulate your bowels if you go too often. These could be hot foods like Mexican dishes and spices, or things like alcohol and tobacco. If you have a slow moving system, you can try to drink more water and use gentle laxatives that do not force you to go, but that rather make your stools softer – but only as an occasional source of relief. If your IBS is getting in the way of your normal life, talk to your doctor about what you can do for long term and safe treatment.