Great Ideas in Gift Baskets for Christmas – Homemade and Brand-Named

With every kind of retailer going crazy throwing together unique ideas for gift baskets for Christmas, it won’t be long before you begin to wonder if there is one that could be just right for you. Gourmet gift baskets have been a popular concept for quite a while now. The idea is to create a basket of bounty, with tasteful arrangements of wonderful edibles – stuff that childhood memories are made of. Let’s look at a bunch of gourmet ideas for gift baskets for Christmas, that should speak volumes about where the giver comes from.

Let’s start off with a gourmet gift basket from Zabar’s of New York. The typical New York breakfast is something anyone would like as a Christmas gift. Help your a lucky recipient out of a trip to New York, and bring a great Zabar’s breakfast home to them. Zabar’s has such a great range of gourmet gift baskets for Christmas just brimming with goodies, right from the ultimate basket that goes for about $500, to more modest ones for about $60. If there is someone at the office whom you would like to show some appreciation to, one of these baskets can be priceless. They round each gift basket out with special Zabar’s goodies like a coffee mug (with coffee in it). Zabar’s is particularly famous for its babka, and getting a gift basket with it should particularly please anyone.

How about a great Williams Sonoma idea in a gift basket? Their Pears and Nuts fruit basket is a winning and particularly festive-looking concept. They package in a full wicker basket, a bounteous supply of tiny little pears, whole walnuts and even a beautiful nutcracker to crack does those nuts with. People go crazy for the wicker basket. It’s an especially winning concept at a mere $70. If it seems like gift baskets for Christmas are something you absolutely have to shell out big bucks for to buy ready-made, it doesn’t have to be that way. You could easily make gourmet gift baskets yourself at home, and it would speak volumes about how much you care for that person to not have the stamp of commercial manufacture on your gift.

There are all kinds of gift ideas you could think of with a little effort. How about a cheese basket? You could pick up a wicker basket, line it with cute little patterned napkins, and put in all kinds of cheeses, boxes of crackers and even a few beautiful china plates to round things out. You’d probably have to hand-deliver this though, because sending it through a delivery service would probably keep the cheeses out of the refrigerator for too long. Do you have a coffee lover that you need to buy gifts for? How about a coffee-themed gourmet gift basket? You could buy gift-sized packages of luxury coffee, line a wicker basket with a cloth and arrange the coffee bags in there. Complete the setting with cute coffee mugs, and you could have a perfectly imaginative gift for very little outlay.