Feeling Nostalgic for Air Hockey

I used to love playing on the an air hockey table the arcade. We would play air hockey for hours. I think it was one of our favorite games. Pinball was alright, and some of the video games were pretty cool, but air hockey game table was the only place that really kept our attention. We would all line up on either side of the table, watching the two competitors go at it. It would heat up very quickly. The puck would travel at an incredible speed on the frictionless air hockey table. Sometimes, it would even jump off the edge. Someone would put too much speed on it, and it would go sailing across the room. It was pretty impressive, and the games were pretty competitive.

It wasn’t just the air hockey tables that I liked either. One of the things I really liked was being able to hang out at the arcade with all of my friends. It was one of those rare moments in life where everything seems to be working out perfectly. I had a girlfriend who I loved, some great friends, I was getting good grades in school, and everything was going right for me. Hanging out at the video game arcade after school as just a great way to celebrate, day after day, how good life was.

Now, we have moved far away from that town. I have a kid of my own. The other day, I bought him his first air hockey table. He’s just starting to get interested in games. He was a pretty shy child, but now that he is eight, he is starting to open up a little bit. It was a kids air hockey table, not like the Full-sized ones that we used. Nonetheless, it was perfect for him. He really liked it. He had his friends over yesterday, and they played several air hockey games on it. No one got hurt, and everyone one a game – something that is important when they’re that age.

It’s fun to play with him on his small air hockey table, but I’d like to have one of my own. I thought I had outgrown games, but it turns out I have not. Sometimes, I think you never really outgrow games. Pool is as much fun as it ever was, and I’m sure that air hockey will be the same. After all, I bet that I still have my skills after all these years.