Dragon Snowboard Goggles and Other Gear

I first tried snowboarding a few years ago while getting together for a mini reunion with a bunch of old high school friends. One of my buddies had moved to Colorado shortly after graduation, and invited the rest of us for a long weekend of skiing and snowboarding. At first I only intended to ski and hoist a few beers back in the lodge, but everyone else convinced me to try snowboarding. I caved in to the peer pressure. Soon enough, I’d gotten a rental board and boots, strapped on a pair of Dragon snowboard goggles that someone from the group loaned me, and took off.

I had to start on the bunny hill because even though I was an experienced skier, I didn’t have any confidence in my snowboarding abilities. It’s a good thing, too, because I took more than a few spills before I got the balance thing down. From there, I eventually moved on to more challenging slopes — and became hooked on snowboarding soon after. I went out and bought my own gear, including a Burton board, K2 jacket and pants, and Dragon snowboard goggles.

I know most people like all their gear to come from the same company, but I prefer using stuff that actually feels comfortable. For instance, before heading out that first time with Dragon snowboard goggles, I tried on similar products from Oakley, Spy, and Scott. The Dragon snowboard goggles one of my friends had was the pair that fit most comfortably, so I went with those. I did this kind of test run with different boards, jackets, pants, and boots as well before settling on the ones I wanted to purchase.

Snowboarding gear is pretty expensive, so after going into a regular retail store to get everything fitted properly by experts, I decided to make my actual purchases online. I ended up being able to buy all the gear I needed for about 20 percent less than I would have had to pay at a physical store. I scored these deals by buying from different websites that had different sales going on. Yes, it was a bit inconvenient having to order my Dragon snowboard goggles from one place, then ordering my jacket and pants from another Internet store, and my board and bindings from yet a third place, but saving more than $50 on the entire package was definitely worth it.

Anyway, I can’t wait for our next outing in Colorado. I’ve been practicing on some slopes near my place in Wisconsin, and though they’re admittedly much smaller than what’s out in Colorado, I’m still able to hone my skills and get a little better. I think my friends will be suitably impressed at our next gathering!