Decorative Alphabet Ideas

You should never push very young children too hard when it comes to learning, as this is what kindergarten is for. However, in our modern age, there are some things that children are required to know before they get into school. These are all things that we learned when we got there, but those days are long gone. One important thing they should know is their letters. You can teach them in many ways, but having those letters around them all the time can help. This is when finding a decorative alphabet is a fun way to do this.

There are many different ways that you can come up with a decorative alphabet. As a warning, you should know that they are going to want to have these letters nearby as they do learn. If they don’t have anything, they may do what my daughter did. She drew her own on my living room wall. Make sure you have something so that they are not going to think they should be doing this. You don’t have to go with anything complex, but you can find ways to get your letters to match your home.

One of the best ways to get a decorative alphabet is to go into a craft store to see what they have to offer. Most have the letters of the alphabet in wood. You can get all the letters, take them home, and paint them on your own. You can then cover them with a sealer that is safe for children, and hang them on the wall. When you do this, you have the choice of what colors you want your decorative alphabet to be. You can easily find paint colors that match your child’s bedroom or playroom.

You can also go with many of the wall hangings that you can find that list the alphabet. Some look like things that would go into a school, and those are often great for a playroom. Don’t forget to look on the Internet to see what you can find for decorative alphabet pieces that you want to use for your room. Some come with hooks so you can hang things from them, and others are made to be used as toys. Whatever you choose, just having these letters around can help them learn all on their own. If you sing the alphabet song with them, they are going to make the connection much more quickly than you think.